OSWESTRY Town Council says it is in a good position to withstand pressures faced by rising costs and new laws – but admitted budgets will always be reviewed.

It comes after the UK’s biggest hot air balloon festival in Bristol announced it has scaled back its event because of inflating costs.

Arren Roberts, town clerk at Oswestry Town Council, said that events in Oswestry have been budgeted for 2024 and will be able to operate effectively, even when ‘Martyn’s Law’ – which will increase planning requirements on events – comes into effect.


But he admitted that all events are under review annually as budgets and costs change.

He said “Oswestry has a calendar full of events for 2024, including the Oswestry Balloon Carnival and we look forward to welcoming residents and visitors to these.

“We do understand the pressures that the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is facing and the risks associated with big events such as this.

“Legislation is changing with the introduction of Martyn’s Law – people need to be able to come to events knowing that they are safe and organisers need to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is in place.

“Although some of the requirements of the new law are yet to be published we do not believe that these will add a significant amount of cost to our big events as we already have emergency plans and procedures in place.

“It would also be fair to say that the costs associated with putting on events generally, are increasing and we are always mindful of that when we are planning them and the budgets are reviewed annually.”

Mr Roberts said the council is looking forward to 2024’s carnival in partnership with Wrexham’s Nightingale House and new partners Elevate Flights, who will be stepping in to replace Spirit Operations.

He said: “The balloon carnival is going ahead for 2024, check out our events page on the website and Visit Oswestry for details of other events in the town.

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“Most events in Oswestry are free, whether it be the Food and Drink Festival, the Street Circus, Community Games, Sunday afternoon concerts or Christmas Music Live.

“The town council recognises that festivals and events bring people into the town but perhaps more importantly provide something for Oswestry residents to do.

“This year we are working with the Royal British Legion to commemorate the D-Day landings and will be providing more information about this in due course.”