REPORTS that Shropshire Council is considering closing two of its five recycling centres – potentially meaning Oswestry or Whitchurch could shut– has been met with fury by residents.

Shropshire councillors passed the authority’s budget last week including confirmation that green waste bins users will be charged a fee and that two of five centres are facing closure.

However, Shrewsbury’s unit in Battlefield is likely to be safe, meaning that Oswestry and Whitchurch would be in a pool with Craven Arms and Bridgnorth to make a potential saving of £14,000.


The news has been met with anger and frustration by residents from both towns who highlighted that if one of the other were to close, the towns could be hit by a fly-tipping epidemic, with social media awash with comments.

Elizabeth Willis said: “I realise that I am not trained to budget in large amounts like the Council, but don't they ever think that to close something like the recycling centre is going to affect so many other things and in the end it will cost more to clear up?

“How can they equate an increase in Council tax with a lessening of services? 

“What would be much better would be to increase the services provided, by employing more people who pay in more income tax.”

One user, Shaun, said: “Years ago, recycling centres changed to what you could take in e.g. the amount of bags of rubble for DIY etc.

“Hence, fly-tipping started at a substantial rate! So what do you think is going to happen if these sites are shut?

“It's a no-brainer really, plus the poor guys that are going to be unemployed.”

Catherine Watson said: “Am I missing something or has the council not realised that if it closes them, it will encourage people to 'fly-tip’  thus costing much more in the long run.

“Surely I am not the only one to think this?”

Helen Gerald raised concerns about accessibility for residents.

She said: “Shropshire residents cannot use Welsh recycling centres, forget Wrexham or Welshpool.

“It’s a long drive to Shrewsbury and presumably a massive queue when you get there.”

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Fran Robinson said: “Really? How much will fly tipping cost to clear up, because that's what will happen if these wonderful places are closed?”

Valerie Laundy said: “Ridiculous, they won't save any money as it will cost thousands to remove all the fly-tipping that will occur.

“Not thinking about the environment as well. More fuel used to remove fly-tipping.”