Hundreds of people were caught speeding last year on one of the main roads into Oswestry.

In information released by West Mercia Police, they revealed that more than 400 people were caught speeding on Gobowen Road over the course of 2023.

Police revealed that the speed camera caught 427 drivers exceeding the speed limit on the road in the 12 months before November last year.


West Mercia Police also revealed that of those drivers 409 were punished and sent on speed awareness courses.

This however was dwarfed by the numbers caught at Shotatton crossroads over the same period.

In that 12 months, 1,823 drivers were caught breaking the 40mph limit at he notorious crossroads and police ended up sending 1,578 of these drivers to speed awareness courses.

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The speed limit at Shotatton is 40mph, while Gobowen Road has a 40mph limit, before dropping to 30mph closer to the town.

The fixed speed camera can be found in the 30mph zone, shortly before the Whittington Road turning.

Last year Oswestry Town Council invested in new vehicle-activated speeding signs to help encourage drivers to stick to the limit.