Chirk Castle is one of the top ten places to view snowdrops this season.

According to gardening expert, Hannah Stephenson, viewing snowdrop blooms help alleviate winter blues.

She said: "Seeing drifts of white flowers will shake off the winter blues."

It’s snowdrop season, when swathes of the pint-sized white flowers emerge from frost-laden woodlands, parks, meadows and gardens, brightening up the winter vista.

The castle's gardens display these early-flowering beauties within its 480-acre estate, adorned with snowdrops among its various features and landscapes such as in their Pleasure Ground Wood, next to the Formal Garden.


The castle is open daily throughout February.

They are also offering a Snowdrops tour and Breakfast for this Valentine’s, from £19.95 for adults and £8.95 for children.

Their offer reads: “Make the most of Valentine's Day with a full breakfast in the castle before venturing outside to admire our stunning snowdrop display.

“Signs of spring are popping up around us as hundreds of snowdrop buds are shooting up throughout Pleasure Ground Wood here at Chirk Castle.

“So embrace the season and join us for a delicious, fresh full breakfast, toast and a hot drink in the Tea Room before heading outside with our garden tour guide to learn all about these beautiful plants.”

Other gardens on the list include Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire, Higher Cherubeer, Devon, Shepherd House, Inveresk, East Lothian, Bucklow Farm, Knutsford, Cheshire, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, and many others.