BOY racers are leaving residents living near to a major supermarket in Oswestry plagued with tiredness because of their anti-social behaviour, one has said.

The souped-up car enthusiasts are using the car park at Morrisons, in Shrewsbury Road, to drive fast and rev engines, often into the small hours of the morning.

The anti-social behaviour has led to Morrisons management complaining to West Mercia Police about it, while one neighbour – who wished to remain anonymous – said enough is enough.


“It’s always been going on since the supermarket arrived – it’s happening all the time,” they said.

“But since McDonald’s has arrived – I’m not blaming McDonald’s – it has increased because they’re being attracted to that spot because there’s late food and drink.

“I don’t know hold they are but it’s just so loud late at night.

“We can’t sleep – it’s keeping our little one awake and there’s been times at 2am where I am lying in bed just listening to it.

“It has a huge impact on our mental health, through a lack of sleep, and it’s irritating as well.

“We can’t doing anything about it and they obviously have nowhere to go to do this but a supermarket car park in a residential area is not the place.

“They don’t have a right to do this anyway but if they want to then they should be going to car meets or joining a club.

“But not in the local town and they’ve been seen driving over the pavements in daylight – that’s just horrifically anti-social and unnecessary.

“They know it’s disruptive.

“the problem with them doing it there is that it echoes around this residential area, and they do race up and down Shrewsbury Road.

“It’s time to say enough is enough.”

The resident thanked Morrisons for making its complaints and admitted that someone could get hurst by the drivers.

They added: “I feel comforted that Morrisons is trying to what it can but the fact they’re having to go to such great lengths to correct that should be happening anyway is ridiculous.

“Nobody wants to see anybody hurt – you just don’t know as it could take one person to step off in the dark walking home and that’s that.

“It’s time to stop doing this now because it’s really disrupting.”

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A Morrisons spokesperson confirmed it is working with police to put an end to it.

“We are in contact with the police regarding the misuse of our car park in Oswestry,” they said.

“Our car parks are intended for safe use by our customers and colleagues. We take these issues very seriously and do not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour at Morrisons.”