A RENOWNED British actress is set to come to Oswestry to talk about her new book next month.

Caroline Quentin actress, broadcaster, television presenter and author, is best known for her role in the sitcom ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and the crime drama ‘Jonathan Creek’.

The author is set to make an appearance on Saturday, March 2, from 2pm at The Holroyd Community theatre to present her new book ‘Drawn to the Garden’.

The event, put on by Booka, will take visitors and readers through a “horticultural journey through life”.

A spokesperson from the bookshop wrote in the event’s description: “In ‘Drawn to the Garden’, Caroline shows how much joy she gets from spending time in her garden, whether it be grappling with the best way to grow plants and vegetables, or raising seeds in her potting shed.


“Though she now has a large following on her Instagram account, @CQGardens, her attitude to gardening is the same as it has always been – expertise helps but is not essential.”

Illustrated by Caroline herself, the book combines stories of her life and experiences in the garden, with practical tips, recipes for food and drink, and even some of her favourite poems.

Booka added: “Written in a warm and engaging way that reflects her personality, Caroline tells stories of growing chillies from seed in her greenhouse, berating the thieving blackbirds in her fruit cage, and swimming in her pond singing to dragon flies and flag irises.

“Over the years, she has come to realise that gardening, just like life, is a series of happy accidents, unplanned successes, and baffling and frustrating failures.”

The event is priced at £12, which does not include a book, but can be redeemed against a signed copy, and £20 which includes a signed copy of the book.