AROUND £5,000 will be added to Oswestry Town Council’s coffers because of monies raised by developers in this financial year.

Shropshire Council makes Neighbourhood Fund payments to town and parish councils once a year in April, in order to coincide with precept payments.

Councillors will be asked to note at the full meeting on Wednesday at the Guildhall that the council’s Neighbourhood Fund money is expected on Friday, April 26, and will raise £5,004.37.


In its agenda, Oswestry Town Council explained that the calculation of this through total Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is ‘not straightforward’ and is based on the total CIL amounts raised.

However, councillors will be asked to consider placing the money into its CIL reserves at the meeting, which starts at 7pm.

Meanwhile councillors will also be asked to review standing orders ahead of a further review again in May 2025 after the next local council elections.

A document setting out the rules of how to hold Oswestry Town Council will undertake its meetings will be reviewed and approved by councillors.

In other agenda items, town mayor Councillor Olly Rose has put forward a motion to improve the council’s approach to biodiversity.

Her motion states that under the 2021 Environment Act, town councils such as Oswestry ‘must consider what they can do to conserve and enhance biodiversity’.

She added: “We delegate the Climate Change Partnership Group to develop an action plan for Oswestry Town Council to include actions to help biodiversity gain in the area of the town as well as on council-owned land.

“This will be attached to our policy when completed. In order to facilitate this the attendees at the Council’s recent Climate Change Open Town Meeting should be contacted and asked to feed in ideas ready for the next Climate Change Partnership meeting on April 2,2024.”

Councillors will also be given the opportunity to attend the delayed 40th anniversary trip to Combs la Ville, the town’s twinning partner.

An item agenda said: “The visit will be from Friday, May 24 until Wednesday, May 29 and an invitation has been extended to councillors who may wish to join the group.

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“The cost is £250, and the town clerk has an application form should anyone wish to go.

“Such occasions are generally marked with the exchange of celebratory gifts, and it is suggested that the council fund some form of memorabilia branded with the crest.

“This would be met by the Civic Awards budget."