A GIANT tower to boost 5G provision in Oswestry could be built on the site of the former Smithfield Market, if plans are successful.

The application to build a ‘shareable’ telecommunications base with a 25-metre lattice tower, 12 antennas, four dishes on two headframes and five ground-based cabinets was submitted on Thursday, February 1.

The applicant for the giant 5G structure is Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd, based in Manchester, who says they have already consulted with Oswestry Town Council, Oswestry East ward Shropshire councillors John Price and Chris Schofield as well Helen Morgan MP.


In a letter to Shropshire Council, sent on January 9 and published on January 31, Icon says the Smithfield site is ‘needed’ for its Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to deliver to more than 100 other, smaller, networks.

In the letter, Icon explained that many other sites in Shrewsbury Road – the Spring Lamb, North Shropshire College and the new McDonald’s, among others – were all ruled out in favour of Smithfield Market.

It added: “In the UK, Icon Tower is an Electronic Communications Code Operator (Code Operators) and reflecting its operations, it is an “Infrastructure System” provider.

“An infrastructure system is essentially a network of sites where passive infrastructure is made available for sharing by other operators. In the UK, Icon Tower has an established portfolio of sites hosting MNOs.

“In addition to this, Icon has access to a further 1,600 locations held by the wider Radius group and which also host a variety of operators.

“On this basis it provides communities with the most efficient means to improve connectivity while minimising duplicative infrastructure deployments in the future.

“Icon Tower expects that other mobile operators, rural wireless broadband and other essential networks may also use the mast.

“Icon are in the process of identifying a suitable site in the Oswestry area for a radio base station that will improve local service provision.”

Within the application, Icon has included documents setting out Government policy on 5G broadband provision and digital connectivity.

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Within that is a letter from Matt Warman MP, under secretary for Digital and Broadband, which does highlight Public Health England’s view that exposure to radio waves is likely to happen when new 5G masts are installed but would ‘still remain low’.

A decision is expected from Shropshire Council on the plans – 24/00386/TEL – on Thursday, March 28.

However, there is no date given for the end of the consultation period.