AS VALENTINE’S Day approaches, the team at a Shropshire dog re-homing centre is hoping that a devoted doggie duo who have lived together all their lives find love once again. 

Two-year-old Lurchers Rocco and Tess are brother and sister and found themselves looking for love after a change in their owner’s circumstances meant they could no longer give them the time and attention they knew they both deserved. 

Having arrived at the Dog’s Trust rehoming centre in Shrewsbury last November, it is hoped that as love is celebrated the world over, their search for a furry-tail ending will come to an end. 


Thomas Livings, assistant manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, said: “There’s one thing for sure, whoever falls for Rocco and Tess will certainly get double the love.

“They are inseparable and have proved themselves to be the perfect house guests in their foster home, enjoying a walk, playing in the garden and then snuggling up together on the sofa.  

Rocco and Tess adore being with people and like to make friends with everyone they meet.

They need to be the only dogs in the home as Tess doesn’t like to share Rocco with any other four-legged friends and although Rocco .always likes to be by Tess’s side, he also likes to be with his human friends.

Therefore, any home alone time will need to be built up gradually so he can learn to trust that his new family aren’t leaving forever, they will be coming home again.  

Thomas added: “Rocco and Tess really are lovely.

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“They have a great bond and we know it won’t take them long to build a bond with their new family too.

“They can live with children and will be a wonderful addition to a home.

“They have been much loved all their lives and we hope that when it comes to them this Valentine’s Day, they find their special someone.”