A KIND-HEARTED Oswestry business has donated a post box for the local cemetery so that visitors can write letters to lost loved ones in Heaven.

Oswestry Town Council has installed a ‘Letters to Heaven’ post box at Oswestry Town Cemetery, which was donated by The British Ironwork Centre.

A ‘Letter to Heaven’ is a heartfelt message written by someone who has lost a loved one.

Oswestry Town Mayor, Olly Rose said: “We would like to thank The British Ironworks for offering to make this special letterbox for the cemetery and to the residents who proposed this initiative to the Council.

“We hope this will help people in their grief and I am sure it will prove to be a comfort to many.”


The post box is a way to express feelings, memories, and thoughts to the departed.

Writing letters can often bring solace and provide a sense of connection, even when loved ones are no longer physically here.

It is a way to express emotions, share memories, and find comfort during the grieving process.

The post box provides a safe place for these heartfelt letters, allowing people to feel closer to their departed loved ones.

Border Counties Advertizer: Oswestry Mayor, Olly Rose at The British Ironwork Centre receiving the ‘Letters to Heaven’ post box.Oswestry Mayor, Olly Rose at The British Ironwork Centre receiving the ‘Letters to Heaven’ post box. (Image: Oswestry Town Council)

The items placed in the post box will not be read by the Council and will be periodically discarded and composted, ensuring confidentiality and respect for the grieving families.

There is no cost and no stamp required.

The idea was first inspired by a young girl in Nottingham who came up with a similar concept and was brought to the Council’s attention by local residents and The British Ironwork Centre.

The British Ironwork Centre added: “We are delighted to assist Oswestry Town Council in supporting those that are dealing and struggling with grief. The Letters To Heaven scheme encourages people to write messages to loved ones who have passed away.

“We are so passionate about supporting the local community and we are honoured to be partnering with Oswestry Town Council for this important project.”