A BID by Ellesmere Cricket Club to hire its clubhouse out for functions could be included in new heads of terms for the lease.

At Ellesmere Town Council’s February meeting on Monday, two items concerning the cricket club’s future were considered by councillors, with Councillor Pete Jones leaving the room as he a member of the club.

The Shropshire Cricket League club is looking for permission to allow its clubhouse to be used more by the town, whether it is for functions or meetings.


Town clerk Jo Butterworth read out an email from a resident close to the ground in Birch Road which complained of ‘subsequent hooliganism’ and noise after the club’s Cider Fest in September, and also asked how the council intended to control noise.

Miss Butterworth told the meeting that any functions held at the club would have to abide by Shropshire Council laws around noise.

Councillors agreed to further investigation over what licences were held and also any future events would have to run finishing teams past the council.

Councillors also agreed that new heads of terms could include the right to hire.

Meanwhile, the club’s approach to the council to support any potential planning application to carry out major ground works was given a yes.

The club is hoping to eventually rebuild it clubhouse, carry out extensive work on its square and also flatten out the playing area, among other jobs, and has tonnes of top soil ready to go.

However, councillors were reminded that any application would have to be approved by the town council first as the owners of the land.

In other items, the town council has rejected a request from the Cellar Church in Ellesmere to fix a projector in the main area of the town hall.

The church had offered to cover all costs; however, it also said the terms of that expenditure would mean the projector could not be used or touched ‘by any other group’.

But councillors rejected the idea because of the variety of groups that used the hall.

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Five councillors were also appointed to an Emergency Action steering group, which would put into place plans for all emergencies faced by the town, with pre-determined actions.

Miss Butterworth added that there are templates available to make plans.

The council also noted plans for the 80th anniversary commemoration for D-Day in June.