OSWESTRY played host to a feat of angling brilliance recently, when a 40-pound plus fish was caught during stormy conditions.

Angler Matt Bullas caught ‘Big J’, one of the biggest carp at Blackthorn Fishery in Morda, which weighs in at 44lb 12oz, the prize catch in two sessions of fishing.

Matt's impressive haul of 14 carp across two sessions included, ‘Big C’, the previous lake record of 31lb 9oz and a carp named ‘The Scorpion’, which set the new lake record at 35lb 5oz. He also caught ‘Bullseye’ at 33lb 5oz. But those were eclipsed when he landed Big J, the biggest fish ever caught at the lake.


He admitted his delight at the haul.

“I have found that consistency is key,” he said.

“Watching the water for any signs of activity, whether it be feeding or showing fish is first on my angling approach, but in winter this type of activity can be very subtle or sometimes can’t be seen, so targeting the deeper water is a good start when looking for a bite. 

“Baiting tight and light in the colder temperatures is also a tactic I’m keen to follow at the start of my sessions.

“I fully intended to have a successful few days when I started my angling sessions but I couldn’t have dreamed that it would work out so well for me. 

“Not only did I catch the previous lake record but I went one better and set the new record.  

“Most people fish a lifetime trying to get something like this in carp angling and never succeed. 

“I’m delighted to have this experience at Blackthorn Fishery as it really is a great location for carp fishing combined with a relaxing holiday in a tranquil environment.”

To achieve this impressive series of catches, Matt used Fox Rods and Reels, Delkim Alarms and Korda Terminal Tackle, and aside from that, just line and bait.

Charlie Hughes, owner of Blackthorn Fishery commented, “It was great to see Matt having such a productive session on the Pines and Main Lake, particularly as he fished through such stormy conditions. 

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“We are excited to be part of his angling journey and look forward to following his catch reports this year.

“I don’t think it will be long before we see him back on the bank enjoying his carp angling journey.”

Looking to the future Matt said his goal was to continue smashing his records and looking out for even bigger carp to catch.