AN OSWESTRY woman has thanked all those who have answered her call to give rescue dogs a Christmas to remember in 2024.

Donna Milward has put her operation into process for delivering toys to dogs in rescue centres up to two hours away from her Oswestry home next Christmas Eve, having put the call out early last month.

And she said that as well as receiving donations ordered online by supporters, she has had the opportunity to meet with bereaved dog owners, such as Edna and Tom Walls, who donated items from their beloved pets.


“There’s been a really good reaction,” said Donna.

“I wasn’t expecting to get this much and I am shocked by the level of support – I just want to thank everyone.

“It was heartbreaking to speak to Edna and Tom Walls when they donated – they had a Chihuahua called Tye and speaking to them about him made me cry.

“My dad Wayne lost his Jack Russell – called Jack – at Christmas 2022 and he had new toys for him in the back of the van since so we’ve taken them.

“There’s a collection point at the caravan park he owns too but we still want people to get in touch.”

Donna highlighted the level of support she has been receiving since people were alerted to her online plea.

She said: “All of the people on my social media all like dogs anyway so a lot of people have contributed.

“I’m getting a delivery every day from Amazon through supporters and there have been lots of toys and leads and last week, we had a delivery of three beds.

“I’m expecting a few more soon too.

“We’ve had to move a lot of the donations from a little bedroom to the garage.

“My dad has a big van so it’s possible I can do the deliveries in that and I want to do it at Christmas – he’s even suggested that we dress up as Santa.

“My dog Stella definitely will be.

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“My plan is to ask people who have donated to pick a rescue centre close to them – and within my two-hour radius – and we will deliver.

“It may end up being that we have to do the deliveries across two days, and not just Christmas Eve, because I’m not the sort of person to be defeated.”

If you are not on social media, you can email Donna at