A COUPLE from a village near Oswestry got stuck in the mud on a track road for hours after recent storm closed the A483.

Bob Medley and his wife were on their way to Warrington, to see Bob’s wife’s elderly father, when their sat nav and GPS re-routed them through the muddy path.

The couple are new to the area, and when they tried to follow the diversions that were in place because of Storm Isha, on Sunday, January 21, they realised traffic was at a standstill. They were then diverted away from the A483 near Chirk McDonald's, but soon found themselves stranded as their satnav attempted to reroute them down a narrow lane.

Bob said: “We are relatively new to the area and I wasn’t aware that when there are strong winds that the bridges closed.

“I came off and followed the diversion signs which took me towards Llangollen where there was still traffic.

“I turned around and put my sat nav on to find a different route.”

This is when the navigation system took them down a path near a Llangollen roundabout.

Bob continued: “It took me down this track road, and there were a few cars behind me.


“It was getting worse and worse and then we hit some flood water.

“I attempted to turn my car around on a small bit of grass, and in doing so I got stuck.

“We were there for quite some time.”

Unfortunately other people followed Bob’s car down the path, which created congestion.

He added: “This other car that was in front of me was between us and the floodwater so they couldn’t go anywhere.

“The other cars behind us reversed back up the track.”

Bob then decided to walk back to a farm he saw nearby.

“One of the lads there got us out”, he said. “We were there for about an hour before, and we tried to get the car out but it wouldn’t budge.”

Bob added: “The farmer said this is a regular occurrence.

“Whenever there’s bad weather, they have to always help people out.”

The couple’s usual journey would have taken about an hour, but this time it took them three and a half.

He added: ““It was an absolute nightmare, and trying to find a way around the diversion was just awful.

“It was about a three hours and a half journey, we set off at 12pm and got there about 3.30pm – this is usually a one hour journey.”