THE SAFETY hoardings around one of the oldest buildings in Oswestry were torn off last night after Storm Jocelyn swept through town.

Storm Jocelyn has moved across the UK in the past couple of days, hitting Oswestry with strong winds yesterday, Tuesday, January 23.

Unfortunately, it had left a wave of destruction in its path as it took off the safety hoarding around Llwyd Mansion, in Cross Street, last night.

A spokesperson from Oswestry Town Council explained: “During the storm yesterday evening, part of the safety hoarding fixed around Llwyd Mansion blew down in the high winds.


“We are grateful to the Police for making this safe initially, and Council officers were on-site from 9pm to ensure that the remaining hoarding was secure.

“Contractors were on site this morning and the safety hoarding is being re-affixed.

“There has been no damage to the building, and nobody was hurt.”

Storm Jocelyn is the tenth storm named since September 1, 2023, by the Met Office’s storm naming group, which includes Met Eireann and KNMI.

In a recent blog The Met Office added that the rain will continue to fall.

A spokesperson said: “After Storm Jocelyn this week, the UK will continue to see spells of wet and windy weather, especially in northern and western areas.

“Long range models suggest that late January and early February weather could see some drier interludes further south, while wet and windy weather remains possible in the north and west.”