A WOMAN was arrested after being found by by the Oswestry Town Rangers with more than £100 worth of items stolen from a number of local stores.

The incident occurred in the town centre, on Sunday, January 21, and PCSO detailed the events on the police website Neighbourhood Matters.

He said: “Today a prolific female shoplifter has been arrested in Oswestry town centre.

“She had filled a bag for life with stolen items from a number of local stores totalling over £100. Credit must be given to the Oswestry Town Rangers.


“They detained her promptly on Willow Street and secured the evidence for the arresting officers.”

Street Rangers have started their patrols in November last year, and they are fully funded by Oswestry BID (Business Improvement District) in partnership with West Mercia Police and Valley Security.

In preparation for their role, the Street Rangers received training in a range of areas to strengthen the working relationship with local police.

The new town centre service comes in response to a significant increase in shoplifting and incidents of anti-social behaviour, which has become a national issue, impacting towns across the country.

The Street Ranger model has been applied in many towns and cities.