ONE of the most recognisable pubs in the Oswestry area has now reopened, much to the delight of its new owner who says the support received so far has been ‘overwhelming’.

The White Lion, on the Llynclys Crossroads, reopened on Monday, May 3 – a Bank Holiday – under the ownership of Steve Sant, formerly of Cross Houses in Shrewsbury.

It follows a long spell in which the pub was closed, during which time concerns were raised by local people over its long-term future.

Steve bought the building, which is visible to all commuters using the A483 between Oswestry and Welshpool, in the summer of 2021 and immediately promised to keep it as a pub.

And he has splashed the cash to ensure he stuck to that promise, and has been delighted to see customers flocking to the White Lion.

“We reopened on Bank Holiday Monday at the start of May and I think it has gone really well,” said Steve.


“I have been really impressed with how the public have got behind us.

“It’s absolutely what we need and wanted to happen, and we haven’t really done any advertisement for that we’re reopen so it’s a bit overwhelming how much people have come to the pub.

“I think a lot of that is down to social media and word of mouth, but a lot of people will have been driving past the pub and seeing that it is reopen again.

“They’re also seeing how much we’ve done it up and that’s down to spending around £200,000 just to do it up.

“I think that that shows how much of a commitment we’re making to the pub, people and the area, to make sure there is a pub here.”

Now living here, Steve has started making long-term plans for the site on the busy junction, and hopes it will provide a boost to the area.

He said: “I moved here in December and while there is a lot of horn blowing and near-misses, I’ve only seen one accident.

“I’m really proud and very happy that we have been able to do all of this, and we as a staff are really grateful that so many people have shown the pub their support.

“We’re doing food every day from 12-3pm and 5-8pm, and I have an eye on reopening the campsite behind us, aiming for the summer of 2023.

“I think that would be a good boost for tourism in Oswestry.”

A toll house stood on the site in the 16th century, but there are records of a pub being there almost 200 years ago.