THE confirmed proposals for the development of Mile End in Oswestry will be discussed by town councillors on Monday.

Shropshire Council released the plans for the Innovation Park around the development of Mile End last month, and now Oswestry Town Council will be able to discuss the proposal at the meeting, which will be held on Zoom at 7pm.

Councillors will be expected to give their views to form a wider town council response.

Meanwhile, Oswestry Town Council is set to receive around £25,000 of development-funded money from Shropshire Council for 2021.

At the meeting of its Development and planning committee on Monday, April 26, the town council will have the amount of £24,688.74 confirmed by Shropshire Council as part of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Fund.

CIL money is paid by developers of new residential development and is – usually – spent on infrastructure needs by town or parish councils that qualify for funding.

According to an email sent by Shropshire Council to all councils across the county, there has been a delay in the calculation and confirmation of CIL money but it is expected to be paid by Wednesday, May 5.


Councillors will be asked to consider a new approach for the newly-elected council from May, with regard to future CIL payment.

There will also be a discussion around forming an Oswestry Town Council response to the proposed North West Relief Road after it was not approached for consultation by Shropshire Council.

Oswestry's response is expected to be given in a public capacity, with the item appearing on Monday's agenda as per the request of many councillors and a member of the public's request to formerly object to the proposal.

Meanwhile, a number of planning items are also on the agenda for councillors to consider, as well as note decisions taken by Shropshire Council.

Members of the public can attended the meeting via Zoom on 843 1377 1846.