OSWESTRY residents have been reacting online to the news that Shropshire Council is going to use cameras to fine parents dropping their children at schools.

The news that automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will be deployed at Woodside Primary School and also at Gobowen Primary School was announced earlier this week.

Parents will now be required to register for a permit if they are to park close to the schools which has left some angry at the move, taking to Facebook to give their views.


Steph Conde said: “If this was for the safety of the children I could understand it but pushing the already full side streets around the exclusion zone is going to make it more dangerous as parents try to squeeze in where there is no space.

“More policing around the school and fining people parking on/near the crossings, on pavements, and zig zag areas and blocking people's drives would've been more of a deterrent to the people causing the issue rather than residents surrounding the school.

“Llwyn Road, Lloyd Street, York street, Caer Road, Albert Road, bottom of Liverpool Road will be bursting at the seams.”

Greg Arnold said: “Shropshire Council with yet another stupid idea, they'll want to fine them next for getting to school late.

“Councils need to realise the Them Vs Us mentality is getting out of hand, people are started to get very bored of the big stick treatment and will fight back, just look at London and the ULEZ problems.”

Rhys Crofts said: “Majority of them live a stone’s throw from the schools.

“Why don’t they just walk around to save all the congestion? Who knows, some people need to exercise a bit more I think.”

Donna Davies said: “What if you have an appointment that day and need to use the car in order to make it?

“What if you have two schools to drop at? Or one child is poorly so can't walk with you…stupid idea it really is.”

Alison Mary replied: “I have children in two different schools because one of them couldn't meet my child's needs.

“So every morning it's a case of dropping on at breakfast club to get the other one to school on time.

“It's going to be a nightmare when it starts.”

Jackie Gilham said: “I’m entitled to a permit but I strongly disagree with the scheme.

“It’s just pushing the traffic into nearby streets.”

However, one social media user said the permit will tackle ‘bad parking’.

Andy Dulson said: “Some of the parking is dangerous.

“Parking on the zig-zag lines by the crossing is the best example I can give for this. Along with the same cars blocking the bus stop over and over again.”

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Lou Roberts backed the plans for Gobowen Primary School.

She said: “Brilliant idea for Gobowen school as the lane is so dangerous for the kids with the amount of cars down it to drop off when they could potentially walk them.

“So if people hadn’t been so lazy it wouldn’t have come to this. I understand some can’t help but need to drive down if they have the needs to but some just are lazy.”