POLICE in Oswestry say they will be stepping up patrols around Morrisons car park in Shrewsbury Road after allegations against ‘boy racers’ came to light.

In a message sent out to residents via Neighbourhood Matters, PCSO Robert Hamer said that a section 59 warning notice for anti-social behaviour could be issued to any driver caught causing anti-social behaviour (ASB).

And he added that if a second notice is issued, it could lead to vehicles being seized by police.

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He said: “Oswestry police have become aware of a group of individuals using Morrisons car park in the evening and after the store closes, gathering in vehicles and using cars and motorcycles in a dangerous manner including wheel spinning, engine revving, handbrake turns and loud music.

“Not only is this behaviour dangerous for those involved but also the wider public.

“Local police will be regularly patrolling the location and targeting individuals, issuing traffic offence reports, vehicle defect forms, and section 59 warning notices when required.

“The section 59 warning notice is a useful tool, given to the driver of any vehicle being used in an anti-social manner.

“The warning remains on that vehicle and the driver for a full 12 months.

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“Should a second episode of ASB be encountered by that vehicle or a different vehicle being used by the same driver, the vehicle will be seized immediately at the roadside.”

The move from West Mercia Police comes after residents complained about the impact of boy racers around the car park, which they say has kept them awake.

The supermarket giant also confirmed that it was working with West Mercia Police to try to put an end to the behaviour.