THERE will be no ‘blanket approach like in Wales’ to introducing 20mph zones in Ellesmere, councillors in the town have said.

At the council’s development and planning committee meeting on Monday, councillors were asked to put together a plan of roads that could have the speed limit introduced.

However, councillors, including mayor Councillor Anne Wignall and committee chairman Cllr Pete Jones, said that after seeing the fall-out of the implementation of the speed limit in Wales, they wanted to try a more targeted approach.


Cllr Jones told the meeting that "I was a fan of '20s plenty' until it was blanket implemented in Wales" while Cllr Wignall added: "we don’t want to do what they’ve done in Wales but we want to target streets around schools."

Town clerk Joanne Butterworth confirmed meeting that the council had written to Shropshire Council to confirm its support for a non-blanket approach.

Councillors agreed to target a number of streets including outside schools in the town as well as the most-complained about roads for speeding.

Cllr Jones added: “We can decide the roads now and take it to full council to be approved.”

Birch Road, Sandy Lane, Brownlow and Cambrian Road were just some of the roads named, as well as ‘pinch points’ in the town, such as roads leading in and out.

Meanwhile, councillors on Ellesmere’s planning committee have backed an application to site 23 additional timber caravans at Blackwater Meadow Marina in Birch Road.

The re-submitted application received a majority of support of four to two; however, former mayor Cllr Paul Goulbourne opposed the plans, stating he felt it would lead to an overdevelopment of the area.

He was joined in his opposition by Cllr Mark Hancock.

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However, there was a lot of support for the application, which had been previously rejected by Shropshire Council, with Cllr Wignall stating ‘it’s good for the town and will bring business in’ but did concede to Cllr Goulbourne’s concerns to suggest reducing the number of cabins.

It was agreed that Ellesmere Town Council would support the plans but would also register Cllr Goulbourne’s comments.

The town’s place plan was also approved with a number of issues requested, such as youth provision, coach parking and action for both The Mere and Ellesmere Boat Yard.