A LONELY kitten which had been begging for food at Oswestry's new McDonald's has been rescued and adopted by a local vet.

Keri Roberts runs Oswestry Cat Rescue with Liz Hinemarsh, rescuing anything from feral cats to arranging for rehoming if people are struggling to keep them.

She was called to rescue a kitten on Hallowe’en (Tuesday, October 31) after it had been seen scavenging food from the nearby McDonald’s on the Shrewsbury Road site.


But there was no spooky goings on for this black (and white) cat as Keri was able to rescue her and find her a new home.

She said: “This little kitten was seen at the new McDonald’s and she was trying to beg for food from customers in their cars.

“I went down at 7am and picked her up – we knew that she had been looking for food by the cars.

“We tried to look for her on the evening and we knew she’d been around the Costa where it was quiet because the workmen are still building it.

“So I set the trap behind the bin at Costa that the workmen used to throw their lunch away and she had been looking for scraps.

“She was very wet when she was found – one of the Costa workmen phoned me at 6.30am to say they had her and I went straight down to get her.

“There’s a few feral cats down by KFC (near Mile End) who are having litters so we are hoping to find them to get them neutered.”

The kitten, who was around 12 weeks old, is now living with the perfect human who can look after her after she was found to be clear of cat parvovirus.

And she now bears a name fitting her dramatic life story, much to Keri’s delight.

“I took her down to see Becky Woolley, who is a vet at Market Town Vets in Oswestry, and she begged me to let her keep her,” said Keri.

“I didn’t think she was serious at first but she really wanted her.

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“I’m so chuffed because Becky is lovely and Costa, named after where she was looked after, will have a really nice home to live in.

“She’s already doing ok and is starting to purr again.”

For more about Keri and Liz’s work, head to Oswestry Cat Rescue on Facebook.