MORE luxury caravans are set to come to Ellesmere as the planning application for a further 23 holiday homes has been submitted.

In 2020 the first application to use the Blackwater Meadow was approved, and now, three years later, developers have the opportunity to expand as the site has been established to a high standard and has been nominated for awards including SME Best British Getaways 2023.

The proposal and Planning Statement has been prepared by Michael Paul Consultancy Ltd on behalf of the Barns at Blackwater Meadow to accompany a planning application for the use of the site for the building of a further 23 timber clad caravans within the redline boundary of the first application opposed to undeveloped land.


The report, prepared by David Broadhead, read: “The units as seen on the plans shall be smaller than the current units in size to allow a diversification in users to the existing site targeting couple and single use stay.

“The land in question is within the existing red line boundary of the existing development opposed to an adjacent and unrelated land holding.

“The land was allocated as an amenity use for the existing development of 23 units.”

It was also underlined that the UK tourism has grown since 2008.

Mr. Broadhead added: “Despite the bleak economic picture outlined above, the UK tourism economy has grown from strength to strength since 2008 and has seen several trends raising the level of service and accommodation, with lodges becoming the norm opposed to static caravans on parks and more water-based offerings, with house boats and floating lodges becoming more mainstream.

“It is fair to say that in times of economic uncertainty, leisure parks experience growth and sustainable revenue streams.”

In terms of local tourism, the application explained that these sorts of parks can create a revenue of up to £20,000, that can be spent by visitors in the area supporting local businesses.

The new caravans also create employment for the residents.

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Mr. Broadhead continued: “The proposed development will provide attractive, environmentally friendly holiday accommodation for tourists visiting the area, where there is clearly a demand for such accommodation when considering the nearby attractions.

“The site is a perfect location for visitors and tourists to take short, localised breaks and enjoy the surrounding countryside.”

Michael Paul Consultancy Ltd and the Barns at Blackwater Meadow are now awaiting the decision from the Planning Committee.