A RETIRING bakery worker in Oswestry says she is looking forward to a lie-in as she is set to retire after 50 years of working.

Sue Johnson will work her last shift at Greggs, in Church Street, on Friday, November 10 after first serving baked goods in the town at the age of 16.

Sue starts work at 4.30am and admitted that when she turns her apron in for good, she is looking forward to not setting an alarm.

“I am looking forward to a lie-in and not that alarm going off at 4am,” she said.


“I don’t have many plans but I do line dancing and raise money for Air Ambulance with it.

“I dance with my teacher Sandra Speck and she has raised £155,000 over the years so we’ll just keep doing that.

“There’ll be dancing weekends and it’ll be nice to not have to think about work, and just say that I can come to places.”

Sue’s working life started in 1973 with Clemence’s, before it became Cousins, Stanton’s and Baker’s Oven whose sister company, Greggs, eventually took over.

Sue has been a constant throughout, serving many in the town, and admitted her joy at the role she has played in Oswestry.

“I feel proud I’ve played a part in it all – our store has a lovely atmosphere and we’re all fun because we’re like a big family,” she said.

“When I first started, I was on the sandwich side but I was so quiet and shy in those days that I wouldn’t say a word.

“But as you get older you get friendlier with people and go out more.

“I came straight out of school for this job and that’s where I’ve been since but it’s been really interesting what’s gone on over the years.

“I never thought I’d still be here after 50 years but I am so proud of that because it’s an achievement and I’ve worked hard for a company that has looked after me for that time.”

Sue has seen it all when it comes to what food has been on offer but she admitted thinking ‘it’ll never last’ when it came to arguably one of Greggs’ most famous products – the vegan sausage roll.

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She added: “We test everything and we thought that’s not going to take off but it’s been one of the most popular ones.

“It’s great that a company like Gregg’s can do so much vegan because we never did any of that but in recent years it’s really taken off.

“I’ve seen so many changes – it’s a big career and I’m proud of it.

“I will miss the girls here – I’ve done my time and I’m very lucky.”