Pharmacies in Oswestry, Gobowen and Ellesmere will be taking part in a new project that will see them offer oral contraception services directly to local residents.

The initiative marks a significant step forward in expanding the role of community pharmacists and streamlining healthcare services and aims to alleviate the burden GPs.

Shahid Sattar, community pharmacist from High Street Pharmacy, Newport, said: “Since April, we have seen many local women for oral contraception consultations, with the numbers increasing all the time.


“All the women we see are really pleased to be able to simply pop to their local pharmacy, at a time that suits them, to pick up their oral contraception supply.

“As a pharmacist, I am thrilled to be doing more for our patients as well as working with more people directly.

“I am sure it is a trend that we will continue to see as pharmacists’ roles are expanded to help support primary care in the county.”

Traditionally, oral contraception has been prescribed exclusively by GPs, necessitating appointments and often posing logistical challenges for patients.

However, this new service seeks to rectify these issues by granting patients the option to conveniently obtain their prescribed oral contraception from local pharmacies.

Patients who have previously received prescriptions for oral contraception from GPs can now procure their repeat supplies through these participating pharmacies.

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Additionally, these pharmacies are ensuring a high degree of confidentiality, offering patients the opportunity to engage in confidential consultations regarding their ongoing supply needs.

Here are the local pharmacies taking part:

  • Day Lewis PLC, in English Walls, Oswestry
  • Day Lewis LTD, in Oswald Road, Oswestry
  • Day Lewis PLC, in the former ticket office in Gobowen
  • Day-Night Ellesmere Limited, in Cross Street, Ellesmere

Emma Pyrah, associate director of Primary Care at NHS Shropshire, Telford, and Wrekin, said: “This is a great opportunity for pharmacists to utilise more of their expertise and we are delighted that we are already hearing positive reviews from our 26 participating pharmacies.

“Allowing our highly skilled pharmacists to do more is only a positive thing as patients can visit a pharmacy, at a location convenient to them, and do not need to book an appointment.

Patients can access this service through several pathways such as:

  • Self-referral to a community pharmacy.
  • Identification as clinically suitable by the community pharmacist, with the service being offered accordingly.
  • Referral by a GP in response to the patient's request for a repeat prescription.
  • Referral from a sexual health clinic.
  • Referral from other NHS services such as NHS 111 or an urgent treatment center.