A FOOTBALL club near Oswestry has said it is "disappointed" and "disgusted" after dog walkers left their pitch and its surrounding areas strewn with dog dirt.

Trefonen Football Club took it to Twitter to express their indignation on the frequent incidents.

A spokesperson for the club said: “It is very disappointing to have to write this post.


“However, over the last few weeks, the club volunteers have seen an increase in the amount of dog excrement left on the playing surface and surrounding areas of Trefonen Field.

“The excrement left behind is not only disgusting, but also brings a health risk to ourselves, our opponents and the wider public.”

The field is used for different activities and enjoyed by many, and the club volunteers have had to pick up excrements on a daily basis.

“It is very disappointing to have to remove dog excrement on an almost daily basis, (three lots yesterday) all because some people are not mature or responsible enough to look after their dogs”, they added.

The club is making dog owners aware that there are Shropshire Council signs located around the field, which state that it is an offence to allow dogs in certain areas.

The signs read: “It is an offence to allow your dogs within the marked out sports area.

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“Failure to comply could lead to a fixed penalty notice at the lecel currently set by Government or prosecution in a magistrate’s court with a maximum penalty of £1,000.

“Please act responsibly.”

They also threatened to post pictures of the mess.

“We do have photos of offending excrement, which may still be shared for full effect.”