POLICE and Crime Commissioner John Campion has welcomed the report on race disparity in UK policing and reassured residents that West Mercia is already taking action.

His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services' report conducted a comprehensive review of the police and crime plans of PCCs throughout the UK.

The review found that four PCCs' plans lacked any mention of race, diversity, equality, or inclusion.

Although West Mercia was not among the highlighted areas, PCC John Campion said he welcomed the findings.


PCC John Campion said: “I welcome the latest inspection from HMICFRS. Whilst no recommendations were made against West Mercia Police, this report further highlights the importance of ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion remains a central focus of my work, as well as that of West Mercia Police.

“I am proud of the diverse workforce we have within West Mercia Police and that the impact of the united work we are doing to address equality is being recognised on a national level.

"I will continue to ensure every single person within the force area is given a fair, equal and respectful service from West Mercia Police.”

The PCC has implemented equality objectives aimed at promoting inclusivity within both the police force and the broader criminal justice system.

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Regularly holding the Chief Constable accountable, PCC Campion ensures the local and national strategies, particularly the race action plan, are effectively executed by West Mercia Police.

This scrutiny encompasses addressing the challenges of race disparity within the force, evaluating overall force activities, and acknowledging commendable practices.

The upcoming thematic Assurance and Accountability meeting between the PCC and the Chief Constable, scheduled for October, will emphasize diversity, equality, and inclusion.

The session will delve into the utilization of police powers such as stop and search, arrest rates among diverse communities, and the force's engagement with underrepresented segments of the population.