A young couple from Bulgaria found themselves at the centre of a heartwarming engagement story in Oswestry's Cae Glas Park, right in front of Britain in Bloom judges.

Nikolay, 24, and Gergana, 23, began their journey to this memorable proposal during a visit to Shropshire to see Nikolay's father, who has been living in Oswestry for eight years. Spontaneity struck when the couple decided to document their adventure on TikTok.

Little did Gergana know that Nikolay had made a promise to her at the start of their two-year relationship: if she became his longest-lasting girlfriend, he would propose - and they reached the milestone during their trip to Oswestry.


He said: “I am pretty sure she forgot about my promise.

“But I knew that this would happen and I wanted to keep my word.

“So, I wanted to do something unique and in a way she won’t find out and be surprised.”

Nikolay orchestrated the proposal by suggesting they create a cute TikTok video together. Given his regular content creation, Gergana didn't suspect anything.

“She said ‘yeah, why not’,” he added, “So it all started as something for us to remember as our second-year anniversary was coming up.”

The video is of them jumping and doing a handshake as to symbolise that they achieved visiting yet another place on their list.

The video showcased their journey, starting in Bulgaria, through Liverpool, and various Shropshire locations, concluding in Oswestry.

When they arrived at Cae Glas Park, the Britain in Bloom judges were inspecting the flowers, and the Oswestry in Bloom team asked them to feature in the video as experts passed by.

Border Counties Advertizer: Gergana's engagement ringGergana's engagement ring (Image: Nikolay Bonchev)

This unexpected audience added pressure to Nikolay's plan, but he managed to stay discreet.

He explained: “I had a backpack with me, in which I hid the ring in in a pair of socks and hid those in a shoe.

“I had to make it all go smoothly and try to get it out without her noticing, so I went to the bathroom and put it in my pocket.”

As they stood back-to-back for the TikTok video, Gergana was mid-jump when Nikolay dropped to one knee and proposed.

“She said yes, and was very happy but also in shock as she wasn’t expecting it” the newly engaged man said, “It took her about an hour or two after to comprehend what just happened.”

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After the emotional moment, the couple returned to Nikolay's ecstatic father, who celebrated their engagement in style.

“He was like a child” the Bulgarian man added “He was so happy for us and took us out to celebrate”.

Now engaged, Nikolay and Gergana plan to take their time with wedding preparations.

They aim to complete their studies and settle into adulthood before throwing a grand celebration.