AN OSWESTRY group aimed at fostering friendships among older adults is looking for new members.

The Oswestry Oddfellows is looking for individuals to evaluate their social circles and explore the potential for new connections as part of its Friendship Month celebrations in September that will feature a series of special events in the town.

These events aim to bridge friendship gaps and showcase the advantages of joining a community-oriented social group.

Vivienne Osborne, Oswestry branch secretary, emphasised the importance of maintaining a diverse and supportive circle of friends over the years.

She said: “Your friendship needs and circle of friends can alter dramatically in later life.

“We often talk about the dangers of loneliness on our health, but you don’t have to be lonely to need new friends.

"In fact, it’s important to your social wellbeing to have a well-rounded friendship group – which includes new friends, pals with shared hobbies and interests, and friends who challenge and support you.

“We’ve a wonderful range of personalities and people here in Oswestry and September’s the perfect time to try us out.”


There are lots of events lined up for September with a special get-together that coincides with the next Farmers' Market on Wednesday, September 20.

Participants can enjoy homemade coffee and cake in the Memorial Hall from 10am until midday.

One of the society's newest members, 91-year-old Val Curtis, a grandma of six, attested to the benefits of joining the Oswestry Oddfellows.

She added: “It’s been a great way to get to know people.

“The coffee mornings are always fun to go to and I look forward to the trips.

“We had a marvellous trip along the Llangollen Canal which was lovely.

“I’m looking forward to doing more things like that.”

The Oswestry Oddfellows offers various activities, including coffee and cake gatherings for Friendship Month, regular monthly lunches, coffee mornings, seated exercise classes, theater outings, coach trips, and even a planned brass band concert in late October.

Psychologist and author Dr Denise Taylor, a supporter of the Oddfellows, underscored the significance of regularly assessing one's friendships, especially as life circumstances change with age.

She emphasised that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for an ideal mix of friends; it's about identifying one's values and taking action.

To participate in an Oswestry Oddfellows Friendship Month event or request a free local events pack, contact Vivienne at 07706 036305 or via email at