CRICKET is returning to Whittington for the first time in seven years on Friday (April 14) thanks to a major new initiative involving the English Cricket Board (ECB), Shropshire cricket and the community.

Whittington’s cricket side withdrew from the Shropshire League structure at the end of the 2016 season bringing an end to a proud history that dates back to the 1850s.

Whittington Bowling Club continued to play at the venue and use the clubhouse, but the cricket pitches and outfield became redundant and overgrown.

But Cricket Shropshire has teamed up with club members to resurrect the venue as a cricket ground and create a Shropshire Women and Girls’ Hub at the site.

Steve Reese, Cricket Shropshire lead officer said: “This idea dates back to June 2021 when the former playing area had knee-high grass, a number of portable floodlights and was ready to receive its next herd of sheep.

“It only kept going as a venue thanks to the hard work and dedication of the bowling club and its volunteers.


“The northwest of the county had been identified in the most recent Shropshire Council Playing Pitch Strategy as an area with considerable playing constraints around capacity, and most particularly in the rapidly growing women and girls game.

“Following discussions with the club and board it was agreed to embark on bringing the site back to life to act as a hub for women and girls activity, which would include training and matches for the Shropshire Girls’ County Age Group sides.” 

“The plan began with a grass-cutting programme for the site, then getting activity back on site in the form of some schools competitions, with the local school using it every week for some of their summer activities.”

“The ECB initiatives to get youngsters involved in cricket – All Stars and Dynamos – began in the Spring of 2022 and brought in lots of enthusiastic local families.”

Former England international Laura MacLeod, who is director of Women’s Cricket for Central Sparks, will be unveiling a plaque to mark the investment and the new life being breathed into this facility on Friday, April 14. 

Steve added: “The ancillary facilities at Whittington are superb and a credit to the bowls committee.”

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