THE NORTHERN Lights have made another appearance this year over Shropshire, but they came unannounced.

The rare second sighting of the Aurora took people by surprise as it happened late yesterday night, March 23.

But some photographers were quick on the draw, and managed to capture the majestic spectacle at short notice - not least Jono Kimber who shot this sensational picture above the Mere in Ellesmere.


Late afternoon, the MetOffice posted a tweet regarding a geomagnetic that might cause the sightings.

It read: “A moderate geomagnetic storm currently in progress means there is a chance of aurora sightings across central and northern parts of the UK tonight.”

This turned out to be true, but unlike in February when people were aware of the occurrence, only a few manage to spot it this time.

Here is a picture of the Aurora from last night captured by Criftins resident Stephen Ashley.

Border Counties Advertizer: Aurora Borealis in Criftins last night, March 23Aurora Borealis in Criftins last night, March 23 (Image: Stephen Ashley)

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