ANOTHER cat in Gobowen has had to be put down after being shot with an air weapon on Sunday, February 5.

Coco was missing for a couple of days before she returned back home to the owners, this past Sunday. 

Lisa Drayton, one of the owners, said the cat was shot in the eye and had to take her to emergency services veterinarian. 

Border Counties Advertizer: CocoCoco (Image: Lisa Drayton)

She continued: "When we got to the vet they said that the eye was too infected and they don't think that she would have made it through the surgery they proposed. 

"We then decided that the best thing to do was to put her to sleep. 

"She was my 12 year-old daughter's cat you see, and she has had to go to school in the past couple of days, completely devastated."

"This is not the first incident in our area", Lisa added, "And something needs to be done."

The Oswestry SNT Police reported that Coco returned to her owner in Hammonds Place, Gobowen, after being shot with an air weapon. 


A tweet from the police read: "Coco returned to her owner on Sunday.

"She had been shot with an air weapon and due to the severity of the injury had to be put down.

"This the second reported incident in the area; someone knows."

The police is urging people that might have information on these attacks to come forward and contact them.

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