The NEW SAINTS Ladies manager Andy Williams wants his side to learn from their heartbreaking penalty shoot-out defeat to Chichester City in the Women's FA Cup fourth round.

Saints were denied a glamour tie against Liverpool but Williams – who wished City captain Emma Alexandre well after she was taken to hospital – admitted his side were hurting and hopes it will spur them on for more.

"My overriding thoughts of the game are of pride," he told the club.

"Most people in female football circles would not have given us a prayer– to take a quality higher division side all the way to the wire was a sensational effort.

"The girls are naturally disappointed, probably more so because we always back ourselves when it comes to penalties. However, if we are honest, the better side came out victorious in the end.

""We are all hurting, but I’ve challenged the girls to use this hurt to fuel their future ambitions for the remainder of the season. People rightly tell me we are having a good season; in response, and without being flippant, I say the end of the season will determine how good it has been.

What I do know is that we’ve learnt a great deal from the game – most importantly that as a side we can handle ourselves at the next level. We know what we must do."