As YOU KNOW, we won our first trophy of the season this year when we secured our fourth-straight League Cup on Saturday.

It's a nice feeling because it's proof we're moving in the right direction. It's showing the transition from the previous management set-up to us has been seamless and that we've tried to work with the squad.

You try to get do everything in your will to get the players to believe in what you're doing and while at the moment we're only halfway, that looks like we're progressing well.

It's nice to win that first trophy because if we hadn't have, it would felt like 'well we're doing well but we've gone another step backwards'.

Then we would have other people breathing down our neck wanting to take our league title, which at the end of it all, is the one that matters.

From a personal point of view and also from a club perspective, it was great as now people on the outside looking in can see that nothing has really changed at TNS.

It sounds quite simple but I and my management team, can say we've done it. The players have already done it, but the proof is in the pudding is the end of the season.

The table doesn't lie; how many points you get and how many games you win or lose, the proof is in how you finish in the league.

We want to win the league, qualify for the Champions League, which is another thing ticked off and also the Welsh and Irn-Bru Cups, where we want to do well and go one further than last year.