Cricket Shropshire has been giving its annual findings at the yerly meeting held last month.

The board, which oversees cricket in the county, held a meeting of all its clubs and believes it has a good year, both on and off the field of play.

However, chairman Keith Higgins added that while they are pleased with the progress made, the news comes tinged with sadness.

"It has been a particularly upsetting year in terms of the number of colleagues, players, ex-players, administrators and above all friends who we have lost from the cricketing fraternity across the county," he said.

"Our thoughts go out to all of the clubs, families and friends who have suffered such a loss. We remember every one of them for their contribution to Shropshire Cricket over the years.

"Cricket as a sport has identified the challenges it has for the future and as a result a number of initiatives have evolved around ‘Cricket Unleashed”.

"Going forward, as a Board, our main aim is to support clubs and schools with ‘feet on the ground’, within the resources we have, to assist them with growing and delivering cricket.”

He thanked the Board’s partnership organisations, including the County club, leagues, Coaches Association, for their hard work, and also all the volunteers and supporters across Shropshire.

Lead officer and Director of Recreational Cricket Adrian Collins added the ECB’s Cricket Unleashed strategy had driven the Board’s activity, with participation and growth top of the agenda.

This had led to a focus on youth, growth and clubs and facilities. Highlights included the introduction of All Stars Cricket for youngsters aged 5-8, women’s softball festivals and under-nine festivals.

Just these three initiatives had seen 850 people involved, many of them new to the game.

"It has been a high-pressure year with a lot of new things such as All Stars and a new direction from the ECB," added Adam. "Considering where we were in in the autumn of 2016, what we have achieved is a credit to everyone involved.

"The new CPA will be about getting everyone involved in cricket in the county working together for the good of the game.

"Clubs are top of our list of priorities. We want vibrant cricket clubs to be at the heart of their communities – without them there is not cricket.”

Director of Cricket John Foster highlighted the winter and summer activities of the Board, with more than 400 boys and girls involved in coaching and development over the winter period.

Over 200 fixtures including festivals and district matches were arranged in 2017 – with results showing an upward trend.

During the meeting Davie Blofield was re-elected to the Board, while Louise Pugh also joined the Board.