Following on from last week, we take a further look into making the most of golf throughout the winter months.

Richard Edwards, head PGA Professional at Oswestry Golf Club takes a look at ways you can avoid letting your game go rusty through the colder and wetter months.

Tip 1

Have a go on a golf simulator

The evenings may be dark, but you can still hit balls and check out your numbers indoors. Many clubs have indoor simulators that you can use to keep your game up to scratch without braving the wintery conditions.

Tip 2

Start getting golf-in-shape for spring

There are many reasons to keep playing and working on your game during the winter months, but key to this is that winter allows you time to practice without worrying about your score. In the summer, we tend to play competitively more often, so as a result we tend to focus more on scores instead of improvements. In winter, this isn’t the case, so you have the space to work on the weak areas of your game. With this in mind, work out what areas of your game you need to improve and speak to your club pro about arranging some lessons - if you do, you’ll make next year your best year yet.

Tip 3

Enter any winter competitions

Local clubs are keen to keep you entertained and engaged through the winter. Oswestry are putting on a range of mixed and random format informal comps this winter, check out your local club to see what they are laying out for you.

Tip 4

Pay attention to your lie in wet rough

Claggy wet rough will grab your club more, so don’t be too ambitious with your club selections for recovery shots. When the ball is sitting down, take your medicine and take a wedge; an average lie suits a 7-iron; and you can be more aggressive when the ball’s sitting up.

Tip 5

Choose the right equipment

Invest in a hat, a pair of mitts, and make sure you layer up to ensure you stay dry and warm. You may benefit from using high-vis yellow golf balls. You may also want to add loft to your driver - as the fairways get softer, more loft means more carry and more distance, so get along to your pro and find out what will give you the best driver head/shaft combo.