Shropshire’s Women’s Cricket Softball Festivals are back with a bang with over 100 women taking part in the first event at Beacon Cricket Club.

The festival was the first of eight events to be held throughout Shropshire this summer as part of the national Cricket Unleashed initiative by the ECB.

It aims to inspire more people, in particular, women and girls to have opportunity to get a bat and ball in hand and have a go.

The next festival will take place at Bridgnorth Cricket Club on June 3, with another the week after at Knockin & Kinnerley CC.

A total of 15 teams competed throughout the day at Beacon, which started with a dance warm up provided by Christina Morgan from Shrewsbury’s Snowdrop House and involved games, food, laughs, and a relaxed social vibe.

Each team played three games with a total of twelve overs per game and included groups of women from Knockin & Kinnerly, Beacon, Wellington, Bridgnorth and Quatt Cricket clubs, along with Oswestry School, local rounders teams and groups of work colleagues from Dechra Veterinary Products.

Rhea Alton from Shrewsbury said: “It was a great day, such a fun thing to do with friends but also a great way to try out the sport and a great family day for everyone watching. I can’t wait until the next one.

Deb Drew from Bridgnorth said: “It was great to take part in a sporty event without the pressure of having to be good at it! Fabulous atmosphere and lots of fun, and great to be part of a tea.”

Tracey Pinches from Bayston Hill added: “Fab day spent getting fit, learning and playing a new sport with friends and family watching. Great event.”

Louise Pugh, one of the team of festival hosts said: “The Beacon festival was a great success thanks to all the hard work from the volunteers at the club, it was fantastic to see so many women enjoying themselves and having a go at the sport in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, we can’t wait for the next festival!”

The Bridgnorth Festival on Sunday, June 3 will start at 2pm.

The festivals, are free to enter, everyone gets free T-shirt and allows them to have a go, try a new skill and have the opportunity to meet people.

To enter the Bridgnorth Festival visit: or visit and select Shropshire as a region.

June 3rd – Bridgnorth Cricket Club @2.00pm

June 10th - Knockin & Kinnerley Cricket Club @12pm

July 1st - Alveley Cricket Club @ 2.00pm

July 1st - Norton in Hales Cricket Club (time tbc)

July 15th – Oswestry Cricket Club @1.00pm

August 12th – Sentinel Cricket Club @11.00am

Sept 9th- Shifnal Cricket Club @2pm