Scottish football is in a little bit of a mess at the minute.

Right now, the national team doesn't have a manager and the Football Association doesn't have a chief executive after Stewart Regan resigned.

The top two in the league are doing ok but watching the standard of the football, it's good even down to the Championship too. Celtic are winning that league and Rangers have come back since their troubles.

However, at national team level, a few people have been mentioned – like Michael O'Neill from Northern Ireland – but they've turned it down, whether it's money or the players coming through.

It looks like the game is in decline there and it might come back to whether there's enough money there. It hits everybody I suppose. Gordon Strachan did an ok job with the players he had.

O'Neill is an interesting one. Even if he can't see anything in that job, coming from a country that's always been seen as the underdog and has been on a low budget and with players that others may not see their talent, then it's worrying for Scotland.

If he's thinking 'I can't do anything with them', then that's a very sad state of affairs. It's the same with the options for their next manager, with people like Scot Gemmill or Ian Cathcart being mentioned, while Gary Caldwell has applied too.

Are they ready to take on a job like that with such responsibility? I'm not sure about that.

Hopefully they will get themselves together for the future.