Pep Guardiola has been highlighting some of the bad tackles he thinks his side have been suffering this year. If you look at the tackle on Raheem Sterling in real time, I thought it was an attempt to just trip him and take the yellow card.

But on the replay, it's nasty and while he came on and apologised which is good and well, that could have broken his ankle. Then you see the young lad Brahim Diaz who was taken out by Matty Phillips during Manchester City and West Brom, it was horrible.

You've got to agree with Pep; these lads are worth so much and for those with dinosaur views, the game has moved on and it's not like that anymore. No one wants to see anyone getting injured. Even 10 years ago, these were naughty tackles and refs have to look after players.

We're not talking about physical battles likes the teams of Tony Pulis or early Sam Allardyce etc. We're talking dangerous, high tackles which have to be outlawed because the players don't know it's coming and there's no support for them.

Tackles of the past were fine because while they were robust, they were fair.