Phil Neville's appointment as the England Lionesses coach has come under great scrutiny after he sent some allegedly sexist tweets many years ago, with some attacking him and many, including the head of the womens' game, defending him.

But one issue not talked about is whether he is qualified for the job or not. There is often talk about big names being parachuted into a job without the experience. He's had no experience or grounding in womens' football, with the way it's set up and also how to deal with the media.

He's hardly had experience as a manager, save one game at Salford City, whom he co-owns. That's not enough experience to say go ahead and be England Ladies manager because it's a prestigious job to get.

There's a mixture of scrutiny because of who he is, the tweets and he's been thrown into the women's job with no experience. The tweets haven't helped but he's there on a pedestal to be shot at. He's not done himself any favours though but don't go on social media if you don't want scrutiny.

Neville has now taken it down because he wants to get on with the job. He wants to get his down and work. but while social media is good, some people go too far.