THERE are ‘signs’ that the fight to become the next MP has turned nasty. In North Shropshire two large UKIP campaign posters visible from the A483 have been pulled down, while in Montgomeryshire the Tory candidate, Glyn Davies, claims 50 of his signs have been removed off private land. UKIP member Ron Jones said the two signs were stolen last Tuesday evening, less than 24 hours after party members put them up, near the Gledrid roundabout. He said: “We are not best pleased that they’ve been taken down and I think something ought to be done about it. “The first poster was on a farm trailer in a field just off the A483 and was very large, about eight foot by four foot and it has disappeared. And there was another one by the road which was about four foot by four foot.” Sergeant Scott Barnes, from Oswestry Police Station, said: “We received a report of a theft which took place between 7pm on April 21 and 7am on April 22. It was reported that a UKIP banner was stolen from a field adjacent to the A5.” Meanwhile, Montgomeryshire Tory candidate Glyn Davies claims people are removing his election material “under cover of darkness” and has accused them of being “cowardly”. He said: “I am a bit disappointed by the local campaign in Montgomeryshire to pull down Conservative poster boards. “We've had around 50 removed already. I’m not sure they make much difference to what voters decide, but they add a bit of awareness and colour. “It’s a shame for the party volunteers who help us do this through raising the funds to buy the posters and the trouble to put them up. I should add that all Conservative posters are on private land and there at the request of property owner. “All under cover of darkness. So cowardly. Takes all sorts I suppose.” Anyone with information about the theft is urged to call police on 101.The General Election takes place on May 7.