OWEN Paterson was reaffirmed as North Shropshire’s MP in the early hours of Friday morning returning an increased majority of 16,000.

The current shadow secretary for Northern Ireland was jubilant but determined not to get complacent when he made his victory speech just after 4.30am at the count held in Whitchurch Cvic Centre.

“Complacency," he said "only leads to downfall and the night’s results showed that complacency can get you hammered.”

He praised council staff and volunteers for their hard work making sure the voting and counting process was done fairly, his opponents and in particular his wife Rose for her support.


Owen Paterson (Conservative)    26,692
Ian Croll (Liberal Democrat)     10,864
Ian McLaughlin (Labour)   9,406    
Sandra List (UKIP)  2,432
Phil Reddall(BNP) 1,667

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