YOUR candidates for Montgomeryshire

Glyn Davies (Conservative)

MY HOME has always been Montgomeryshire. Never wanted to live anywhere else.

My father was from a small upland farm between Llanerfyl and Dolanog. My mother was from a council house near Pontrobert.

They worked incredibly hard, bringing up six children on a rented farm near Castle Caereinion. I went to the local primary school and then to Llanfair High School.

When I was 16, my father fell ill and I left school to join him on the family farm, moving to Cil Farm, Berriew after marrying a Welshpool girl. Four children and four grandchildren later, we still live there.

Politics was accidental. During my formative years, life was dominated by farming, the YFC and sport.

I played football for Berriew Youths before finding my true sporting mission on the rugby fields. And then it was children, greater responsibility, and a return to playing rugby for Welshpool.

I discovered public life through my community council, eventually becoming Chairman of Montgomeryshire District Council. This led to various roles promoting Welsh business and tourism across the world. Never liked air travel since. I’m proud to have played a part in the transformation of Montgomeryshire economy. Inevitably, life has had its little difficulties. Public life demands resilience, determination and a tough skin.

Going down with colorectal cancer 12 years ago was character changing. I was so lucky to have successful surgery. 

I even started playing rugby again, setting up the Welsh Parliamentary team with Jonah Lomu. We’ve raised over £10,000 in bucket collections for Bowel Cancer. Luckily, I am 100 per cent fit today.

It’s been an honour and privilege to have represented my home area as MP over the last five years. I was hugely proud to be elected. I’ve stood by every promise I made to you and if re-elected on May 7, I will continue to fight for Montgomeryshire.

Jane Dodds (Liberal Democrat)

RYDW i yn Gymraes, yn byw yn Y Trallwng efo fy ngwr, Patrick. I am Welsh born and bred, a fluent Welsh speaker, living in Welshpool with my husband, Patrick.

I have worked as a social worker in child care for the past 21 years, and am a passionate supporter of public services, putting health care first in the work I do in Montgomeryshire.

I have been Head of the Children’s Section at the Refugee Council, working with asylum seekers and refugees and those who are victims of trafficking. I believe in the values of Liberalism including tolerance, freedom, social justice, strong communities and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, and these values drive my work here in Montgomeryshire.

I want to make sure that healthcare and health services are accessible to every Montgomeryshire resident, no matter where they live, what age they are, and what their health needs are.

I will work to strengthen and grow Welsh rural communities, making sure farming and the agricultural economy is supported. I want to help as many people in to work, particularly young people through apprentices in order to strengthen the local economy, and that education provision in the constituency from the cradle to the teenage years is of the highest standard.

It is also important to me that we are compassionate in supporting those who have been displaced through war, and that action is taken to address climate change.

I like to find time to spend with my family, attending church and playing the piano. I have run the London marathon, and try to go for a run every morning around our beautiful Montgomeryshire countryside. 

Thank you for reading this. Diolch am darllen hwn.

Des Parkinson (UKIP)

I WAS born and brought up in Brecon. 

My Father was a building contractor and my grandfather on my mother’s side was a shepherd on the Brecon Beacons.

Having attended Brecon Grammar School, I joined my Father's business and undertook a five year apprenticeship as a plasterer. 

While I enjoyed working as a builder, I felt the need to change career and at the age of 22, I joined the Dyfed-Powys Police.

I started as a uniformed beat constable and quickly worked my way through the ranks and departments. After five years I was an operational Inspector in Aberystwyth, which covers Machynlleth.

In 1987 I was promoted to superintendent and took command of the Newtown sub-division which covered the Montgomeryshire parliamentary constituency, minus Machynlleth.

I stayed in that post for three and a half years and enjoyed it immensely.

My main objective was to put as many uniformed officers as possible on the beat; including myself.

In 1989 I was awarded a law degree by the University of London, following four years of private study.

I retired with 29 years service in the rank of chief superintendent, in a post with national responsibilities.

I live in Arddleen with my wife Regine and take a keen interest in my local community.

I have always taken an interest in politics and strongly support UKIP’s policy of taking control of our country again from the European Union. 

Only then can we stop mass immigration and ease the pressure on public services.

If elected, I will fight hard for the best interests of everyone in Montgomeryshire and will make Montgomeryshire’s voice heard loud and clear in the House of Commons.

It is time for change and I ask you to vote UKIP on May 7.

Richard Chaloner (Green)

I GREW up in the North Wales border region, and moved to London to study for a degree.

Following my graduation I remained in East London where I worked with young people in a deprived area of Tower Hamlets. After this I began a career as a Further Education lecturer, and over 16 years I worked in several colleges.

During my career I taught Social Care courses, set up open learning provision and worked with young adults with specific needs. 

By the 1990s I was a Senior Lecturer, managing staff, budgets and course development in a continuing education department.

At this time I began writing textbooks in Health and Social Care and working as an examiner. Subsequently I left lecturing to pursue a full time career as a textbook writer and a senior examiner in Health and Social care.

In the mid 1990s I left London and, together with my wife and young children, I moved back to Wales, and rural North Montgomeryshire, where I now live.  My children attended local schools, where I acted as a governor.

I have developed strong links with the local community, including serving as a trustee for a successful local arts charity. 

I am currently a senior examiner and moderator in Health and Social Care for BTEC and Edexcel.

In this work I manage examining and moderation teams, and write and edit examination papers.

I am a standing as a Green Party candidate in the forthcoming election as I believe that a sustainable environment and social justice are fundamental aspects of the world we would all wish to live in.

I am particularly concerned about the attacks on public services that are harming the most vulnerable in our society, and about the complacent dependence on fossil fuels that threatens the survival of us all.

Martyn Singleton (Labour)

I’M MARTYN Singleton, a 29 year-old retail worker and graduate of Welsh history in Bangor University.

Currently studying part-time for NCTJ qualifications in Staffordshire. I was born in St-Asaph having spent most of my life in north Wales, growing up in Flint and the Wrexham area before moving to Bangor.

Raised in a working class background and working for my adult life, I recognise the difficulties faced by those on low incomes and insecure jobs, faced with an almost impossible work life balance.

I joined the Labour Party over 10 years ago and have been an active member since, believing in the mantra ‘that by the strength of our common endeavour we can achieve more than we can achieve alone’.

As a worker and historian of the Labour and Trade Union movements, I believe that there is no better way addressing the issues that matter than by cooperation. 

It is a Labour government that can deliver for Montgomeryshire.

Labour has a better plan for a better future: investing in our NHS, building on the success of Jobs Growth Wales in creating better opportunities for the next generation, and cutting tax for 24 million working people through a lower starting rate of tax.

As a young adult I have felt first-hand the difficulties of getting on the career and housing ladder, and these are problems which left inadequately addressed will only lead to further isolation of this generation and the next.

Outside of politics I enjoy reading, writing and listening to jazz and blues, or anything pre-1973. 

A passionate Evertonian I also follow London Welsh RFC, regretfully I don’t tend to go on as many walks as I used to but hope to make amends while getting to know Montgomeryshire over the next few weeks.

Ann Griffith (Plaid Cymru)

Ann Griffith has been selected to stand as Plaid Cymru’s candidate for the forthcoming UK General Election in Montgomeryshire. 

A former social worker and small business owner, Ann Griffith is currently a respected county councillor and has said that fighting for better access to rural healthcare and a better economic deal for rural areas will be her priority.

Ann Griffith said: “I’m pleased to be selected as the candidate for Montgomeryshire. 

“This election offers unprecedented opportunity for the people of Montgomeryshire and the whole of Wales to make their voices heard. 

“It looks likely that there will be a hung Parliament in May and that’s why it’s important that we elect a strong group of Plaid Cymru MPs in May.

“Rural communities like Montgomeryshire have been overlooked by successive Westminster governments and as a result they are particularly vulnerable to the cruel austerity cuts.

“In Montgomeryshire, access to healthcare is a particular area of concern. Through Plaid Cymru’s plans to recruit a thousand extra doctors across Wales and more GPs in the areas that they are needed, we can keep healthcare as close to home as possible.

“I will be fighting to bring an end to the cruel austerity agenda and to deliver a better deal for the people of Montgomeryshire.”

Responding to Ann Griffith’s selection, the Plaid Cymru’s Regional Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, Simon Thomas AM said: “Ann Griffith is a strong candidate who will be a strong voice for Montgomeryshire and for Wales. 

“It is clear to everyone that we need to rebalance the economy away from the overheating south-east of England and Ann will fight to make sure that areas such as this will no longer be overlooked.

“I look forward to helping her take her positive message to the people of Montgomeryshire.”