Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies has called for more housing ahead of Wednesday’s budget announcement.

In a plea to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, the Conservative MP today said there needs to be a boost in building new housing and pledged to press Powys County Council to take action in a bid to help young people get on the property ladder.

He said: “For at least a decade, not enough new housing has been made available to meet demand across much of Britain. Not enough new housing is being built in Wales, and not enough new housing is being built in Montgomeryshire.

“Since the Development Board for Rural Wales was wound up in the 1990s, the number of new housing starts has slowed dramatically. It’s time for action to give more of our young people the chance to own their own house.

“On Budget Day this Wednesday, the Chancellor will propose a series of measures to boost new housing in England. We will see a boost to council building, action to discourage big building companies from hoarding land, and pressure on English councils to streamline planning processes.

“I support this, but we need to see dramatic measures in Montgomeryshire as well.”

Mr Davies added: “I welcome the recent decision by Powys County Council to build some houses for rent, but we also need to see the release of more land for housebuilding. Building more council houses will be a welcome start, but we will need more.

“The council needs to release more permissions to build, and use all available powers to prevent land with permission being left undeveloped. At present, our young people cannot afford to buy their first house. We need a revolution in thinking to deliver the housing we need.”