Verbal altercations are breaking out in Weston Rhyn over parking disagreements.

One resident has pleaded with the parish council to make a stand after receiving verbal abuse from motorists who park on the visibility splay at the junction of the road leading to Stones Sawmill and Station Road.

They said: “Any vehicle is a hindrance, but a high van is a dangerous block. These are not just quick stops but are increasingly becoming all day and night occurrences.

“These vehicles appear to be residents/visitors to West Lea cottages who have ample parking behind their properties.

“Please do no ask that we speak with our neighbours as this has resulted in verbal abuse.”

The parish council is due to discuss the issue – and the residents’ request for double yellow lines on both sides of the junction – at its meeting tonight, however the chairman, Councillor Ralph Cooper, has reiterated it is a matter for West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council who have both received a copy of the letter from the resident.

They added: “Surely, we do not have to wait for a fatal accident before action is taken by all authorities.”

Meanwhile, the parish council has been told its road safety concerns outside Weston Rhyn Primary School have been included in on the list of submissions to be put forward for consideration of funding in next year’s Capital Programme.