OSWESTRY Boys and Girls Football Club players, coaches, officials and parents are enjoying a well deserved break after another busy season.

The club has never been stronger on and off the field with more players than ever registered with the Oswestry club which offers football coaching and playing opportunities to hundreds of youngsters and up and coming coaches.

While the club has grown to a record number of members it is still inviting any new and aspiring players and coaches to get in contact and make Oswestry Boys and Girls Football Club their home.

Oswestry Boys Club Under 14 Lions.


Oswestry Boys Club Under 13 Dynamites.

Oswestry Boys Club Under 11 Colts.

Oswestry Boys Club Under 13 Vikings.

And the action is not over yet with the club hosting a tournament on Sunday which is usually one of the highlights of the club’s playing and social calendar as the Oswestry Boys and Girls Football Club family comes together for a day of sport and socialising.

Chairman John Breeze added: “Being able to get together and hand out awards to our young players is always a highlight, seeing how much they’ve grown and developed as a player.”