MARTIAL artists in Oswestry have joined together in a show of spirit following a return to physical practices.

Two groups that practice different forms met at a community centre in the town to share their skills which come from both the Middle East and the Far East.

Geoff Moore, from Bu-Shin Jujitsu, was delighted to join with Aaron Carnahan from Oswestry Krav Maga for the event which will be continuing into the coming months.

He said: "To celebrate a return to the mat after lockdown, two local martial arts groups advanced students met to share skills in the spirit of open learning and mutual support.

"Bu-Shin Jujitsu and Oswestry Krav Maga met with each other on Sunday morning at Eastern Oswestry Community Centre, for an intensive two-hour advanced JujItsu session.

"Krav is an Israeli martial art and Jujitsu a traditional Japanese system – both groups thoroughly enjoyed the session and will be meeting monthly to continue with the exchange."

For information on Bu-shin Jujitsu, please call Mark on 07837 012162 and for information on Krav Maga call Jamie on 07971 915270.