OSWESTRY is known across Britain for its large number of pubs.

Among the oldest is the town's Plough Inn but how long has the Beatrice Street pub been in existence?

It is a question which has long been mooted by regulars and publicans alike.

The mystery of the Plough's origins deepened during lockdown when a mosaic was discovered under a carpet.

The mosaic is now proudly displayed having been lovingly cleaned.

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Landlord Gareth Bevan is now appealing for information on the pub's origins which are believed to have begun with the demolition of 13th century built Beatrice Gate in 1782

Certainly the pub existed in the 1860s - one of 37 known to have existed at that point in the town's history and likely at least nine more also operated in the town during the Victorian era.

The pub landlord in 1861 is recorded as Thomas Nurse.

The single roomed Plough Inn was once a part of the large local estate of the Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery and still retains its high ceilings and Edwardian exterior.

Landlord Gareth Bevan said: "We’re not sure how long it has been a pub.

"We have tried having a look at the history as we’re very interested in it, but so far haven’t found much.

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"We know it was purpose built as a pub and it’s built on the site of Beatrice gate. There is a plaque on the side of the building for this."

The pub is know for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and is looking forward to resuming its relationship with local musicians, providing a place to practise as well as organising gigs and jam nights.

With thanks to Oswestry Pub Scene.