It's official - there is a correct way to wipe your bum!

From front or back, it's a debate that has raged in households up and down the country for years but an eagle eyed Bolton News reader has spotted that there is actually an officially correct way to clean yourself. 

The reader got in touch to point out that on packs of Andrex toilet roll there are actually instructions on how to clean yourself. Crazy, we know. 

Border Counties Advertizer:

The instructions, which come complete with pictures, settle the age old front or back debate.

And it's official, you should "wipe from front to back."

In fact, the whole process is more complex than you might think. The 'Andrex clean routine' is actually a five stage process.

First, the instructions claim, you should use three to four sheets. Then 'wipe from front to back until clean.'

Then it urges people to use  1-2 Andrex washlets 'to feel cleaner.'

Step four entails patting dry with more toilet tissue before washing your hands with soap. 

The reader said: " In all my life I've never noticed instructions on toilet roll before.

"I'm not entirely sure we really need instructions but it tickled me anyway so I thought I'd share."

Who knew the whole thing was so complicated?