WHEN Ashleigh Waller painted herself blue, created a fin out of her son’s school letter and put on children’s armbands before performing the ‘Baby Shark’ song as part of a challenge which has taken the world by storm, she had no idea of the impact it would make.

The challenge has seen people from across the globe completing dance moves and singing the children’s song while being filmed before posting the footage on social media.

The 23-year-old was in the middle of delivering pizzas when she stopped on the Park View Industrial Estate in her home town of Hartlepool to film the dance on Sunday.

The video, which shows her dancing to the music while walking alongside a car, has now been viewed more than four million times online.

Ashleigh, who is mother to Travis, four, said: “I was delivering pizzas and I went into the shop next door to get some paint.

“It wasn’t even face paint it was craft paint.

“You can imagine how hard it was to get off. It was in my hair line for days.”

She added: “I had one of the bairns’ school letters in the glove box so I folded that over to make a fin and I nipped home to get my son’s arm bands.

“I painted my face and everything blue, then put the fin and arm bands on.

“When I returned to the pizza shop the owner, who I was covering a shift for, asked why I was blue.

“The paint came off two days later. I had to have a good few baths before it came off.”

Ashleigh, from Hartlepool, was encouraged by her friends and family to carry out the challenge after viewing Facebook videos of other people completing it.

The catering assistant, whose girlfriend Jasmin Langley, 21, helped her film the dance, said: “I thought I can’t just do the challenge simply, I will have to go all out.

“My son thinks I am crazy. He was in the back of the car when I was filming the video.

“I was looking at him and he was giggling his little head off.

“He loves a good dance and a sing song, my little lad. He watched the Baby Shark challenge on youtube and Facebook.

“My phone has been off the hook since Sunday. I’ve had people requesting to follow me and sending me messages.

“I have had messages from people in Australia, Africa and America saying how great it is.

“My nana rang me yesterday and said it was the best laugh she had had in years.

“I put it on as a daft video for my friends and family to laugh at and it’s gone crazy.

“I never expected it to be viewed so many times.”